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Fortran FINALization

This directory contains some draft patches to implement support for FINAL subroutines

Status as of 2013-05-31 on the 4.9 trunk

  • Finalization wrapper is now generated (but not yet used), FINAL parsing is enabled.
  • PATCH: – adds support for finalization of ALLOCATABLEs at end-of-scope, intent(out),allocatable and explicit DEALLOCATE.
  • Upcoming: Finalization for intent(out) and end of scope for nonallocatables.
  • See below for some additional TODO items (partially now obsolete). Besides those, additional work is required.
  • Note: The patches in this directory have now largely obsoleted by the committed and submitted patched.
  • Supported by the patches in this directory

    UPDATE 2013-05-28

    PATCHES: Enable FINAL infrastructure, but no finalization is done yet

    Work in progress:

    Pending issues:

    UPDATE 2013-05-27

    UPDATE 2013-03-31

    UPDATE 2013-03-25

    UPDATE 2013-02-17

    UPDATE 2013-01-05

    UPDATE 2012-12-31

    UPDATE 2012-12-30

    UPDATE 2012-12-29

    UPDATE 2012-12-03

    UPDATE 2012-11-27

    Still to be done

    Fixed in 2012-09-18

    Fixed in 2012-09-11